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The Plateau Project, located in the southeast Athabasca Basin, consists of 9 mineral dispositions totaling 27,252 ha (27km2). The Athabasca Basin unconformity-contact crosscuts the southern mineral dispositions of the property, and the sandstone extends northwards to a maximum thickness of 800 metres. The basement rock underlying the Plateau Project consists of mainly Archean felsic gneisses with lesser Archean and Paleoproterozoic supracrustal rocks.


  • Targeting basement-hosted and unconformity-associated Uranium mineralization
  • Property Structural Fabric: Curvilinear NE-trending belt dominated by dome-and-basin-style interference-folding of the Mudjatik Domain overprinted by NE-linear Cable Bay Shear Zone.
  • Major Structures include Cable Bay Shear Zone, Tabbernor faults, and Mackenzie diabase dykes.
  • Proximity to Known Mineralization: 1 km from Fleming Island Occurrence (3% U3O8 outcrop samples). There are multiple Saskatchewan Mineral Deposit Index showings proximal to the property that include Co, Cu, Zn, and Ni.
  • Recent Work: XciteTM helicopter-borne time-domain electromagnetic (HTDEM) system flown over entire property in 2023, which defined 73 linear-kilometres of conductors on the property.
  • XciteTM survey has highlighted coincident magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies within the northwest quadrant of the property that may host northeast trending splay faults of the Cable Bay Shear Zone.

Recommended Work

  1. Complete drillhole and surficial geochemistry compilation work initiated by Atha.
  2. Property-wide airborne gravity survey.
  3. Property-wide ground geochemistry/boulder sampling survey.
  4. Ground time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) and ground DC-IP resistivity surveying over the northern dispositions.
  5. Geologic mapping & prospecting over the southern dispositions.