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Pag North



The Pag North Lithium Project is located east of LongLac, northwestern Ontario, and consists of 9 mining claims comprising 3,932 hectares. The Trans-Canada Highway 11 lies just to the north of the Property providing ample access.


The Property is hosted within the Quetico Subprovince, the same subprovince that hosts the Georgia Lake Pegmatite field which to date contains over 38 rare-element occurrences and 10 spodumene pegmatite deposits (Breaks et al., 2003). These terrane boundaries are integrally related to the location of northwestern Ontario lithium deposits and occurrences, as they act as deep-seated sutures for parental granitic melts. The Property host a S-type peraluminous muscovite granite (Pagwachaun pluton) in contact with metasediments. Metasediments make excellent exo-contact hosts for rare-element pegmatites. Several muscovite bearing pegmatites were mapped by the OGS in Map 26492 in 1983, hosted within the Pagwachaun pluton and within the metasediments. This is a promising sign that the S-type peraluminous granite has fractionated and deposited pegmatites within the exo-contact. Further to add to the merit of the Property is the Pagwachaun fault along the north shore of the Pagwachaun Lake providing structure and fracture systems for parental melts.